IC Bonder

Model:CBD2200 EVO

High speed, accurate solidification capacity ±10um@3σ;

 High production efficiency, low cost input;

High multi-chip processing capacity, support 16 different types of chip placement; High flexibility to support multiple carrier operations;

Can work in different plane heights, support deep cavity work;

Modular platform design, small appearance,small footprint。

Placement accuracy≤+10um@3σ
Placement  angle  accuracy±0.15°@3σ
Force control range20~1000g(with different configurations,the maximum support is 7500g)
Force control accuracy20g-150g:±2g;  150g-1000g:±5%
Substrate pallet size(mm)L200XW90~150
Tray size(mm)Based on customer products
Loading/UnloadingManual /auto
IC dimension(mm)L0.25*W0.25-L10*W10
IC supplyWaffle tray
Core module movement modeLinear motor+grating scale
Glue feeding modeDispensing+painting glue
Auto change nozzleSeven
Bottom photo-takingEquipped with camera
Machine  dimension(mm)L(1400)*W(1250)*H(1700)
WeightNet weight of equipment:Approx.1500Kg
Remarks:Customization  is  supported

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