Semiconductor reflow oven SEMI series


1. The solder paste which is printed on the convex metal surface will be refluxed into a ball to complete the combination welding of the tin ball and the substrate.

2. After the chip is placed to the PCB, the chip and the circuit board are connected together to realize the chip packaging and integrated circuit manufacturing.


1. Hot air system with patent, efficient heat compensation ability, accurate temperature control accuracy.

2. With nitrogen protection in the whole process, independent nitrogen control in each temperature zone, to prevent components oxidation during the welding process.

3. Low oxygen content control in the furnace which will be within 50-200PPM during the whole process, to ensure good welding quality.

4. Modular design, efficient cooling system, cooling slope can reach 0.5-6℃/S, to meet the requirements of each process cooling slope.

5. Fine mesh belt for smooth conveying, also for tiny components transmission, prevent falling, to ensure stable product quality.

6. Efficient and clean treatment, to meet the requirements of dust-free workshop for semiconductor.

Model No SEMI-08N SEMI-10N SEMI-13N
Heating system
Heating zone structure 8 heating zones, 16 heating modules 10 heating zones, 20 heating modules 13 heating zones, 26 heating modules
Heating zone length 2950mm 3670mm 4750mm
Heating up time 20min 25min 25min
Outlet Exhaust Diameter,valume 2-Φ145,Exhaust demand 10m³/min x2
Cooling system
Cooling type Three cooling zones:forced water cooling
Cooling zone length 1250mm
Chiller power 5P Water chiller (Optional: connected to customer workshop cooling water)
Conveyor system
Conveyor Type Fine mesh mesh belt (Optional: B-shaped mesh belt, force bone mesh belt)
Conveyer Direction 左→右,右→左/L→R,R→L
Converyer Height 900±20mm
Mesh belt width 24"(Other width sizes can be customized.)
Cmponent Height 20mm
Conveyor Speed 300mm-2000mm/min
Control system
Power AC3Ø 5W 380V 50/60HZ
Total Power 70KW 89KW 118KW
Startup Power 35KW 38KW 42KW
Normal consumption 10KW 12KW 14KW
Temp Control Range Room temperature to 320℃
Control type PC+PLC Control system
Temp Control accuracy ±1℃
PCB Temp Deviation ±1.5℃
Data Storage Process Data and status stotage
Power Outage Protection Equipped with UPS
Operation Interface Windows Chinese simplified, English online free switching
N2 area Full nitrogen filling
Secs/Gemcommunication   protocol Standard
MES communication protocol Standard
Computer Commercial computer
Dimension(LxWxH) 5680x1710x1650mm 6400*1710*1650mm 7500*1710*1650mm
Weight 2400-2600kg 3200-3400kg 3600-3800kg
Flux recovery system Standard
Color Bright wrinkled white

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