Be a leader in the global SMT intelligent equipment industry!!

Lead the technology, R&D strength, industry scale, and management model, become the leader of global SMT intelligent equipment industry development!


Promote the great rejuvenation of national industry,achieve the common dream of enterprise and employees!

Make China SMT lead the world!

Make the customer equipment intelligent, management advanced, and profit maximization!

Make Suneast equipment become the standard in global SMT industry!

Make the employees achieve their self-worth, make life happier!


  1. Co-creation

    Technological innovation, process innovation, management innovation, and value creation for customers!

  2. Sharing

    Share new technologies with customers; share ideas with the team, share the achievement of co-creation with employees!

  3. Co-commitment

    Dare to promise, and assume the own, extra and related responsibility!

  4. Transmission

    Inherits the traditional virtues of Chinese nation, spreads company brand and culture, transmits the entrepreneurial and craftsmanship!

Eight-honor and eight-shame

Honor to innovation development, and shame on stereotypes!(Innovation)

Honor to excellence, and shame on shoddy!(Quality)

Honor to unity, and shame on selfish!(Teamwork)

Honor to responsibility, and shame on buck-passing!(Responsibility)

Honor to exceed goals, and shame on muddling along!(Achievement)

Honor to service paramount, and shame on staying away!(Service)

Honor to frugality, and shame on waste!(Cost)

Honor to integrity, and shame on jobbery!(Ethics)

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