Selective Soldering Machine


Independent R&D electromagnetic pump, high precision spray nozzle;

Chain and roller hybrid drive system, Automatic rail width adjustment system;

Topside hotair convection heating, Bottom side infrared preheating;

Support online/offline programming, welding parameters can be set independently for each solder joint;

It can weld both sides of PCB, display welding status throughout the whole process.

Selective soldering SUNFLOW 3 Feature:

·Independent R&D electromagnetic pump 

·Chain and roller hybrid drive system 

·Automatic rail width adjustment system 

·High precision spray nozzle

·Bottom side infrared preheating

·Topside hotair convection heating 

·Support online/offline programming, easy programming 

·It can weld both sides of PCB

·Welding parameters can be set independently for each solder joint 

·Display welding status throughout the whole process

Basic machine module:

·Flux Module

·Preheat Module

·Soldering Module(within ner6mm nozzle)

·Conveyor System

Working Process:After PCB is moved to flux area, the spray head is targeted to the programed position and the flux is applied only to the solder joint to be made.After preheating, the electromagnetic pump moves to the target area and solder joint is made.

Conveying system:

Conveyor System combines chain and roller transports.Chain transport system is chosen influx and preheating module.The soldering module use the roller transport which performs good in location board and repeat abi ity.

Fluxing with high precision:

The SUNFLOW 3 standard machine adopts precise nozzle with 130pm diameter which is imported from Germany and can uniformly spray flux in the required welding area.The minimum injection area is3mm which saves atleast 90%flux compared with the traditional spraying.

Perfect preheating:

Sunflow 3 combines top heater and bottom heater and its til performs perfectly even for the lead-free soldering or multi-layer boards.Top convection heater has been proved by Sun East Reflow machine for many years and it can offer an even temperature distribution over the complete board.Bottom I Remitter heater provides optional heating area according the custom board.At the sametime, another top heater covers the soldering module and it can maintain the board temperature in all the cycle time.

Stable high quality soldering:

Sunflow 3 offers electromagnetic pum system.There is no moving mechanical parts in pump system, so dust is little in process.The pump offer constant flow which translates into stable wave height.The soldering module has high precision axis system to ensure the accurate soldering path and with particular process, the system will eliminate the chance of bridging.Besides, process monitor screen and automatic soldering wave height detecting are very friendly for users.

Fast and comfortable programing:

1.Gerber file program

2.On-line screen program

3.Picture program

4.MARK plsitinoning and recognition (Option)

ParametersDescriptionDetailed parameters
General ParametersOverall dimension(mm) (Not include the keyboard, indicator light and monitor)2710(L)*1670(W)*1630(H)
Equipment Weight(kg)Approx.2000
PCB size(mm)510(L)*450(W)
Min PCB size(mm)120(L)*50(W)
PCB TopSide Clearance(mm)120
PCB Bottom Side Clearance(mm)60
PCB process edge(mm)≥3
Conveyor Height From Floor(mm)900±20
PCB Conveying Speed(mm/s)0.2-10
Max PCB Weight(kg)≤5
PCB Thickness With Jig(mm)1-6
Conveyor Width Adjustment Range(mm)50-450
Conveyor Width Adjustment ModeElectric
PCB Conveying DirectionLeft to right
Air Input Pressure(Mpa)0.6
Nitrogen SupplyOffered by customer
Nitrogen Input Pressure(Mpa)0.6
Nitrogen Consumption(m³/h)1.5
Required Purity of Nitrogen(%)>99.999
Supply Voltage(VAC)380
Max Power Consumption(kw)<28
Max Current(A)≤56
Ambient Temperature(℃)10-35
Machine Noise Level(dB)<65
Communication InterfaceSMEMA
Soldering SystemMax.Soldering distance of Xaxis(mm)510
Max.Soldering distance of Yaxis(mm450
Max.Soldering distance of Z axis(mm)60
Min outer diameter of nozzle(mm)5.5
Nozzle inner diameter(mm)2.5-10
Max soldering wave height(mm)5
Solder pot capacity(kg)Approx.13kg(Sn63pb)/Approx.12kg(lead-free)
Max soldering temperature(℃)330
Soldering heating power(kw)1.15
Preheating SystemPreheat temperature range(℃)<200
Heating power(kw)24
Heating modeHotair+Infrared
Topside preheatingHotair
Spraying SystemMax.stroke of Xaxis(mm)510
Max.stroke of Yaxis(mm)450
Spray height(mm)60
Location speed(mm/s)<400
Spray head automatically cleaningProgram contro
Fluxbox capacity(L)2

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