Screen Printer

Model:T3 PLUS

•Auto balance the squeegee pressure  which is adjustable

•Intelligent 2D detection

•Dry and wet cleaning.Option: vacuum  cleaning

•Option: for thin board printing 

•Advanced mark point recognition technology and stable system capability

•The fifirst online calibration technology  in China

Screen Printer T3 PLUS Features:

·The first online calibration technology in China,Intelligent 2D detection;

·Advanced mark point recognition technology and stable system capability;

·Auto balance the squeegee pressure which is adjustable;

·Dry and wet cleaning.Option:vacuum cleaning;

·Option:forth in board printing.

ParameterModel: T3 Plus/T3 BTB/T3 Plus BTB
Basic ParametersScreen Frame Size520(X)×420(Y)—737(X)×737(Y) (mm)
Min PCB(mm)50(X)×50(Y) (mm)
Max PCB(mm)400(X)×310(Y) (mm)
Thickness0.2mm~6mm(Use jig when pcb less than 0.4mm)
Curve<1%(Diagonal measurement)
PCB Backside Part Height10mm
Conveyor Height900±40mm
SupportMagnetic support, Magnetic piece, Vacuum chamber(Option)
ClampSide clamp(Standard),please read the to option table
Edge DistancePCB process edge ≥2.5mm
Conveyor Speed0~1500mm/s,increment 1mm
Conveyor BeltU type sync belt
Stopper methodAir Cylinder
Stopper positionSet the PCB stopper position according to the size of board
Flow directionL-R、R-L、L-L、R-R depends on customer
Print SystemPrint Speed5-200mm/s adjustable
Print HeadStep motor drive scraper lifting
ScraperSteel scraper,rubber scraper(option)
Scraper Angle60°
Scraper Pressure0~20kg
Vision SystemSubstrate SeparationThree-section Substrate Separation  speed:0.1-20mm/s distance:0-20mm
Alignment Position methodMark automatic alignment
CameraGermany BASLER,1/3” CCD,640*480pixel,pixel size:5.6μmx5.6μm
Acquire image methodUp/under double photo
Camera LightCoaxial light,Ring light four kinds light can adjustable
View Range9mm*7mm
Mark dimensionsDiameter or Side length 1mm~2mm,allowable offset 10%
Mark ShapeCir,Rec, or rhombus etc
Mark PositionPCB dedicated mark or PCB pad
2D detectionStandard
Accuracy Table Adjustment RangeX=±3mm,Y=±7mm, θ=±1.5°
Positional Accuracy±0.01mm
Printing Accuracy±0.025mm
TimeCycle Time<10s (ex print, cleaning time)
Convert line Time<5min
Programming Time<10min
Control SystemComputer ConfigurationIndustrial PC,Windows official system
System LanguageChinese、English
Pre and next machine ConnectionSMEMA
User authorizationUser PW and Senior PW set
Cleaning SystemCleaning SystemDry and Wet(standard),vacuum model(option)
Liquid Level DetectionLiquid level auto alarm detection
Power ParametersMain Power SupplyAC 220V±10% 50/60HZ  Single phase
Total PowerApprox.3kw
Main Air Supply4.5~6kgf/cm2
Machine WeightApprox. 900Kg
Machine Dimension1140(L)x1380(W)x1530(H)mm (standard) /1675(L)mm(add loading unit)/1675(L)mm(add buffering unit)/2210(L)mm(add loading and buffering unit)
OptionPneumatic Top ClampFor thin PCB(thickness≤1mm)
Top clamp + side clampFor PCB(thickness≤1mm)
Vacuum Adsorption and unloaddingFor PCB(thickness≤1mm) and FPC
Auto tin addedAuto tin added
Auto Loading and Unloading/
Flexible and Universal SupporFor the double-sided PCB(PCB backside parts Height ≤ 9mm)
Automatic Positioning of screen frameAutomatic Positioning of screen frame
PCB Thickness Auto Adjustment FunctionPCB Thickness Auto Adjustment Function
Squeegee Pressure Feedback FunctionSqueegee Pressure Realtime Feedback Function
Air conditionerCustomer can buy by themselves
The rest of Solder Paste on the stencil  Monitoring SystemThe rest of Solder Paste on the stencil  Monitoring System
SPI close loopSPI close loop
UPS power off protectionUPS 15min power off protection
Industry 4.0Bar code trace function,production analysis etc

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