IC Bonder


The Chip Bonder is used for multi-chip placement, with mature technology application platform, which  offffers higher accuracy with new camera system and thermal compensation algorithm, and higher speed  through a new image processing unit and architecture.

Chip Bonder WBD2200 Features:

·Multilayer Capability                       ·System-in-Package Capability 

·Ultrathin Die Bonding Technology  ·Supermini Chip Capability 

·Quick Changeover

Enhancements: ·High Accuracy  ·High Productivity  ·More Flexibility

Chip Bonder Application:Chip Bonder is suitable for IC, WL CSP, TSV, SIP, QFN, LGA, BGA process products.Such as optical communication module, camera module, LED, power module, power device, vehicle electronics,5GRF, memory, MEMS, various sensors, etc.

Item Specification
Placement accuracy ±15um@3σ
Placement anqle accuracy ±0.1°@3σ
Wafer size(mm) 4"/6"/8"(Option:12")
Die size(mm) 0.25*0.25mm~10*10mm
Substrate size(mm) L150×W50~L300×W100
Substrate thickness(mm) 0.1~2mm
Placement head 0-360°rotation/Auto change nozzle(option)
Placement pressure(N) 30~7500kg
Force control accuracy 30g-250g:±10g;  250g-7500g:±5%
Glue feeding mode Support:dispensing, dipping glue, painting glue
Core motion module Linear motor+grating scale
Platform base of machine Marble platform
Loading/unloading Manual/auto
Machine dimension(L×W×H) 1255mm×1625mm×1610mm
Remarks:Customization is supported

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