MINI series high-end hot air reflow oven parameters


Mini-led has smaller pads, less solder paste and smaller chips. It has higher requirements for the welding equipment cleanliness, temperature uniformity and other process parameters, and needs special MINI series high-end hot air welding equipment. The aero-engine turbine blade and eddy current technology hot air system and nitrogen heating technology are adopted, to ensure high quality and stability of the welding and meet the high requirements of MINI welding in the industry.


1. Efficient thermal compensation capability, customized hot air system to achieve the best thermal balance.

2. Multi-frequency converter control, fine temperature control, to achieve smaller welding spot temperature deviation.

3. New and upgraded flux recovery system, multi-stage filtration recovery, fully improve the recovery efficiency.

4. With nitrogen protection in the whole process, independent nitrogen control in each temperature zone, multi-point monitoring, the oxygen content will be within 200-500PPM.

5. Multi-cooling zones structure, with high power cooling system, improve cold and heat exchange capacity, to meet the cooling slope requirements of each process;

6. Super wear-resistant high stable special rail system, auto cleaning, to meet the furnace cleanliness requirements, and ensure product welding quality;

Heati ng system
Heating zone structure 10温区,20加热模块
10 heating zones,
20 heating modules
12 heating zones,
24 heating modules
10 heating zones,
20 heating modules
12 heating zones,
24 heating modules
Heating zone length 3670mm 4390mm 3670mm 4390mm
Heating up time 25min 25min 25min 25min
Outlet Exhaust Diameter,valume 2-Φ145,Exhaust demand 10m³/min x2
Cooling system
Cooling type Three cooling zones:forced water cooling
Cooling zone length 1250mm
Chiller power 5P Water chiller
Conveyor system
Conveyor Type Chain+ mesh belt synchronous transmission
Conveyer Direction L→R,R→L
Converyer Height 900±20mm
Cmponent Height Clearance above 30mm,Clearance below 20mm
Conveyor Speed 300mm-2000mm/min
Guide rail structure  Dust free special hardened guide rail
PCB Width  Min50mm-max400mm   (Option:   max510mm) min50mm-max250mm(Dual tracks)
min50mm-max450mm(Single track)
Fixed Rail Mode Front rail Fixed(Option:Rear Rail Fixed) The front and rear guide rails are fixed, and the
middle two guide rails can be movable.
Control system
Power                                                                          AC3Ø 5W 380V 50/60HZ
Total Power 96KW 117KW 96KW 117KW
Startup Power 38KW 42KW 38KW 42KW
Normal consumption 10KW 12KW 11KW 13KW
Temp Control Range Room temperature to 320℃
Control type PC+PLC Control system
Temp Control accuracy ±1℃ ±1℃
PCB Temp Deviation ±1℃ ±2℃
Data Storage Process Data and status stotage
Power Outage Protection Equipped with UPS
Operation Interface Windows Chinese simplified, English online free switching
N2 area Full nitrogen filling
MES communication protocol Standard
Computer Commercial computer
Dimension(LxWxH) 6400x1580x1650mm 7120x1580x1650mm  6400*1710*1650mm 7120*1710*1650mm
Weight 2500-2700kg 3000-3200kg 2900-3100kg 3500-3700kg
Flux recovery system Standard
Color Bright wrinkled white

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