Reflow machine SER Series


Modular structure, easy to clean and maintain;

Stable and reliable anti-deformation structure design, manual+electric width adjustment;

Front and rear air return design, effectively prevent the influence of air flow between the zones, ensure accurate temperature control;

Full nitrogen filing is optional, multi-directional protection product welding quality;

Can be equipped with a nitrogen closed-loop control system to achieve low nitrogen consumption and low-cost production.

●High heat energy:professional heat energy supply theoretical basis,through matching the appropriate heating power and volume to ensure large heat energy supply.Sufficient thermal energy to generate optimal thermal efficiency, maximize the productivity in short heating zones.

●Low energy consumption:theoretical design and practical testing, through customer verification, obtain the best repeatability results CPK value,get the lowest energy consumption in the factory site.

●Thermal equalization:theoretical and practical verification, ensure to achieve the minimum heat absorption difference between small and large components with the same speed, the same temperature setting,achieve the best equilibrium.

●Large size:can handle larger size PCB in the same size machine; double tracks machine can produce PCBwith300mminwid that the sametime, and PCBwith550mmin width wiht singletrack setting, which can meet the demand of many customers.

SER series rel low oven main speci lica lions
Heating System
Heating Zone8 Heating Zones,16 Heating moudules10 Heating Zones,20 Heating moudules12 Heating Zones,24 Heating moudules6 Heating Zones,12 Heating moudules
Heating Length2950mm3670mm4350mm2230mm
Cooling TypeDouble cooling:enforced air cooling/water cooling (Optional:three cooling zones)
Double cooling:forced air cooling
Outlet Exhaust Demand,Valume2-Φ145, Exhaust demand 15m³/minx 2
Conveyor System
Product Widthmin50mm-max400mm
Conveying DirectionL→R,R→L
inlet Height900+20mm
Fixed Rail SideFront rail Fixed(Option:Rear Rail Fixed)
Conveyor TypeChain+mesh belt synchronous transmission
Cmponent HeightClearance based on the rail:above 30mm, below 20mm
Conveying Speed300mm-1500mm/min
Control System
Power SupplyAC3Φ,5W,380V,50/60HZ
Total Power57KW71KW89KW45KW
Start up Power30KW35KW40KW30KM
Running Power7.5KW9.5KW11.5KW6KW
Temperature RangeRoom temp to 320℃
Control TypePC+PLC Control System
Rail Width Adjusting ModeElectric+Manual
Temp Control accuracy±1℃
PCB Temp Deviation±1℃
Data StorageProcess Data and status stotage
Power Outage ProtectionEquipped with UPS
Operation InterfaceWindows Chinese simplified, English online free switching
ColorBright wrinkled white

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