Independent Selective Soldering


Independent R&D electromagnetic pump;

Roller conveyor system, increase the welding space;

Modular design, easy to maintain;

Display welding status throughout the whole process;

Small Footprint, Energy Saving, Quick Changeover.

Online independent selective soldering machine SUN FLOWS Feature:

·Independent R&D electromagnetic pump

·Modular design, easy to maintain 

·Roller conveyor system, increase Display welding status throughout the welding space

·the whole process

Working process:

·Send a PCB to the specified location 

·Electromagnetic pump according to the programming path for welding, at the sametime at the top of the hot air preheating

·PCB is transported out

Fast and comfortable programing:

·Three programing can be chosen

·Different parameter for every soldering point 

·Offline programing

·Process data record

Conveying system:

Sun flowS transmission system adoption a roller conveyor, increase welding space,better close to the edge components of welding

High quality soldering:

Wave stability 

Quick-changes older nozzles

High quality nozzle(can use 3 months)

Small occupation space 

Energy saving 

Line change fast

ParametersDescriptionDetailed parameters
General ParametersOverall dimension(mm) Not i dude the keyboard, i hdi ca to right and monton1435(L)*1800(W)*1670(H)
Equipment Weight(kg)1050
Max PCB size(mm)510(L)x450(W)
Min PCB size(mm)120(L)x50(W)
PCB TopSide Clearance(mm)120
PCB Bottom Side Clearance(mm)60
PCB process edge(mm)≥3
Conveyor Height From Floor(mm)900±20
PCB Conveying Speed(m/min)0.2-10
Max PCB Weight(kg)≤5
PCB Thickness With Jig(mm)1-6
Conveyor Width Adjustment Range(mm)50-450
Conveyor Width Adjustment ModeElectric
PCB Conveying DirectionLeft to right
Air Input Pressure(Mpa)0.6
Nitrogen SupplyOffered by customer
Nitrogen Input Pressure(Mpa)0.6
Nitrogen Consumption(m³/h)1.5
Required Purity of Nitrogen(%)≥99.999
Supply Voltage(VAC)380
Voltage Tolerance Range(%)6-10
MaxPower Consumption(kw)<12
Max Current(A)<25
Ambient Temperature(℃)10-35
Machine Noise Level(dB)<65
Communication InterfaceSMEMA
Soldering SystemMin outer diameter of nozzle(mm)5.5
Nozzle inner diameter(mm)2.5-10
Max soldering wave height(mm)5
Solder pot capacity(kg)Approx.13kg(Sn63pb)/Approx.12kg(lead-free)
Max soldering temperature(℃)330
Soldering heating power(kw)1.15
Preheating SystemPreheat temperature range(℃)<200
Heating power(kw)6
Heating modeHotair

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