Semiconductor Oven SEO series


The semiconductor oven with nitrogen filled has strong universality, high stability and high performance. It adopts high capacity horizontal air recycling system, adopts special chamber structure and sealing technology, with excellent air tightness and temperature uniformity to meet the high performance requirements of semiconductor products. This oven is suitable for curing semiconductor wafers, IC packages (copper substrate, silver gel, silica gel, epoxy resin), glass substrate and other products.


1. High capacity horizontal air recirculation hot air system

2. The chamber is fully sealed design, adopts stainless steel plate, with good air tightness, saving nitrogen

3. The upper and lower box can run independently with different process parameters to meet the production of different products

4. The heating rate is controllable, and the cooling system assists the cooling, which can effectively improve the production efficiency

5. High precision temperature controller, the control accuracy can reach to 0.5℃

6. Test by Class 1000 clean room, it can meet the semiconductor dust-free workshop and product requirements

7. Low oxygen content control, real-time monitoring, the oxygen content can be controlled within 100PPM

Model NoSEO-100N
Heating system
Box dimensionL700*W550*H(600*2)mm
Number of boxes and working modeTwo boxes, each box can run independently
Hot air systemHot air circulation system with adjustable wind speed and volume
Cooling systemWater cooling circulation system, according to customer workshop cooling water
Nitrogen systemWith flow meter and oxygen analyzer to display oxygen content in real-time
Internal specificationEquipped with 4 stainless steel support shelves, with adjustable spacing between shelves
Cooling system
Temperature operating rangeRoom temperature+10℃~250℃
Temperature control modePID closed-loop control+SSR drive
Control systemPC+PLC electrical control system, Windows operating interface
Temperature accuracy±0.5℃
Temperature uniformity±2%℃(no- load)
Heating rate≥5℃/min
Cooling rate2-5℃/min
Heating power10KW*2
Oxygen content control≤500PPM(Option:≤100PPM)
Working voltageAC3Ø  5W  380V50/60HZ
Total power21KW
MES communication protocolStandard
Cleanliness classClass 1000
Conveyor system
ColorBright wrinkled white
Remark:Support to customize the nitrogen or vacuum oven

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