Soldering Machine E-FLOW Series


1、Conveyor system:Structure with anti-wearing material for longer lifetime.

2、Preheating system: Optimized hot air circulation, the temperature is more stable and even.

3、Exhausting system:Adopt new concept, seperate design, easy for maintenance.

4、Built-in selective spraying unit(option): through synchronous belt, ball screw, linear guide rail for X and Y direction movement, the step motor will achieve local selection for spraying flux.

●Conveyor:Direct buffering input structure.Stainless steel chain conveyor, durable and special design for aluminum alloy track Adopt segment floating structure to prevent from deformation

●Pre-heatingzones:Designforenergysavingandremovablemodules(drawerdesign).Anycombinationofinfraredandhotairconvection.Use PID control to achieve±2℃accuracy.The temperature variation for pre-heating zone and soldering zone is less than≤5℃

●Flux spraying system:Managed by digital control.The motion of the spray nozzle is controlled by stepper motor Flux supply is controlled automatically for optimized effect.Exhausting and filter system installed on the top

●The solder pot is made by cast iron with anti-corrosion ceramic coating equipped with two low flowrate nozzles 


●PC+PLC control system.Windows 7 operation system with Chinese/English operation interface.Processing profile and data auto saving function Alarm for detecting the flux and solder level

Power Supply3PH  380V  50HZ3PH  380V  50HZ3PH  380V  50HZ
Startup Power33KW33KW45KW
Operation Powr ConsumptionApprox.8KWApprox.8.5KWApprox.11KW
Spraying movementStep motorStep motorStep motor
Spray Pressure0.2Mpa-0.4Mpa0.2Mpa-0.4Mpa0.2Mpa-0.4Mpa
Flux Flow ArrangeOptionOptionOption
Auto Fill FluxStandardStandardStandard
ExhaustTop exhaustTop exhaustTop exhaust
ExhaustDucting Diameter(mm)Φ250Φ250Φ250
抽风机功率Exhaust tan power750W750W750W
Preheating ModeConvection / IR emitterConvection / IR emitterConvection / IR emitter
Preheating Zone Number
Preheating Length(mm)180018001800
Preheating TemperatureRoom temperature~200℃Room temperature~200℃Room temperature~200℃
Blower Motor150W  3PH  220VAC150W  3PH  220VAC250W  3PH  220VAC
PCB Width(mm)50~35050~45050-610
Convoyor DirectionL-R(Option:R-L)L-R(Option:R-L)L-R(Opton:R-L)
Conveyor Speed(mm/min)500-1800500-1800500-1800
Conveyor Height(mm)750±20750±20750±20
Available Component Heigh (mm)Top120,Bottom15Top120,Bottom15Top120,Bottom15
Conveyor Speed Control ModeClosed loop stepless speed regulationg InverterClosed loop stepless speed regulationg InverterClosed loop stepless speed regulationg Inverter
FingersSpring Pressing Finger/D-40Type Fingor/Double-hook Finger/Heavy type double hook f inger,OptionsHeavy type double hook f inger/
Opt on:Special jig for fixture
Conveyor Angle4-7”4-7°4-7°
Type of solder PotMotor driveMotor driveMotor drive
Solder Pot MaterialCasting IronCasting IronCasting Iron
Wave Height AdjustmentIn verte Approx:Digital Control by PC
Cooling MethodAir Cooling  Option:Water cooing
Heater Power13.5KW13.5KW18KW
Solder Pot Temperature300℃300℃300℃
Solder Pot CapacityApprox 480kgApprox.550kgApprox.640kg
Wave Drive Power180W*2  3PH 220VAC180W*2  3PH 220VAC180W*2  3PH 220VAC
Solder Pot Warm-up TimeApprox.150min(seting:250℃)Approx.150min(setting:250℃)Approx.150min(setting:250℃)
Temperature Control ModePIDPIDPID
Finger Cleaning SystemBrushBrushBrush

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