Application of precision dispenser in LED and chip packaging


Precision dispenser is a kind of dispensing equipment with high precision in the automatic dispensing industry, which is generally used in the field of electronic communication, automobile manufacturing and LED and chip packaging. The dispensing range of precision dispensing machine is small and the dispensing amount is small, which needs high-precision control. It can realize automatic loading and unloading in the whole process without manual operation. In addition, its slideway and transmission operation mode is more flexible than the general dispensing machine. It extrudes the glue through air pressure, and controls the glue output by the dispensing valve. It can be used to accurately spot, inject, coat and spot the product to the exact position where the glue needs to be dispensing. It can be used to achieve dot, line drawing, circular or arc type, with higher dispensing accuracy. Precision dispenser has more advantages than ordinary dispenser in dispensing efficiency and precision.

Features of Suneast precision dispenser:

1. Servo motor + grinding ball screw drive

2. Stable high-speed motion platform

3. Industrial computer + motion control card control, fault sound-light alarm and menu display

4. Automatic visual position recognition and compensation

5. Offline programming or online visual programming

6. Integrated temperature control technology to reduce manual intervention

7. Automatic cleaning function of glue valve nozzle

8. Standard with Suneast jet valve, the highest frequency can reach 200Hz

9. The piezoelectric spray valve is optional. It can deal with higher viscosity liquid materials, dispensing faster, more accurate, and easier to control, to achieve ultra-high speed dispensing.

10. Optional laser height measurement, microbalance and other functions

Precautions for operating precision dispenser:

1. When debugging the automatic dispensing machine, the distance between the nozzle and the dispensing surface should be set according to the between the needles. Some needles have its stop degree. It is better to recalibrate the interval between the needles and the working surface before dispensing.

2. The size of the dispensing needle should be selected according to the size of the product and the diameter of the dispensing point. Generally speaking, the size of the dispensing needle should be one half of the dispensing point. If the needle is too large, it will cause glue overflow, and affect the dispensing accuracy and quality

3. The setting of dispensing pressure should be suitable, if the pressure is too big it will cause glue overflow, if the pressure is too little it will cause leakage or insufficient dispensing, and other problems, resulting in low qualified rate of product dispensing.

4. The viscosity of glue will also affect the quality of dispensing. If the viscosity of glue is small and the glue point is large, the glue will seep out and pollute the product; if the viscosity of glue is large and the glue point is small, the drawing phenomenon is easy to occur in the dispensing process, so the precise dispensing machine must choose the right viscosity.

5. In general, the setting of dispensing amount should be set to one-half of the product spacing, so as to ensure that the components have enough glue bonding, and there will not be too much glue overflow, so that the dispensing process is more accurate and the dispensing speed is faster.

Precision dispenser is suitable for: smartphone frame, battery packaging, key dispensing, UV protective packaging, bottom filling, circuit components and PCB bonding, chip packaging, hot melt glue bonding, PDA sealing, SMT dispensing, coil dispensing, IC packaging, PCB coating, LCD packaging, etc.

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