Suneast Technology presented IC Bonder and Semiconductor Reflow Oven in Hefei IC China 2022 Show


  From November 17th to 19th,Suneast Technology participated in the 20th China International Semiconductor Expo(IC China 2022)in Hefei with its new products IC Bonder and Semiconductor Reflow Oven.With the theme of Win-win cooperation,the conference focused on industrial cooperation and innovation,and attracted more than 300 companies from the integrated circuit field all over the world.The show provided a platform for enterprises to understand the industry development,obtain industry business opportunities and accurately connect with customers.

  At present,the domestic demand for semiconductor products such as chips continues to rise,which has been deeply applied to artificial intelligence,Internet of Things,5G commercial purpose,automotive electronics,intelligent equipment,high-end display,satellite navigation,information security and other fields.China's semiconductor industry is in a period of rapid development.

  Semiconductor equipment is the basis of semiconductor manufacturing and the key to the development of the industry.As the leading electronic equipment manufacturer and semiconductor packaging equipment provider in China,Suneast Technology focuses on breaking through the core technology in the field of high-end die bonding.The latest IC Bonder has gradually opened the market with the advantages of high precision,high efficiency and high stability,demonstrating the company's technological innovation and strong strength in semiconductor equipment.

  Suneast Technology IC Bonder is a pioneer in the field of high-end die bonding area in China,taking the first step to realize the localization of high-precision die bonding equipment.Suneast has also developed semiconductor reflow oven to meet the requirements of semiconductor industry chip welding,which can be applied in high cleanliness environment and eliminate electrostatic effects.The whole equipment is filled with nitrogen,which can monitor the temperature and oxygen concentration of the equipment in real time.

  At the exhibition site,the two products of Suneast Technology attracted much attention,and the visitors are coming and going continuously.The technical team demonstrated the work flow and operation of the equipment,introduced the key technical index of the equipment leading in the industry,and several practical application schemes,and gave suggestions for the product process of customers.

  With excellent insight and foresight,Suneast Technology provides forward-looking and innovative equipment solutions for semiconductor enterprises,opening up a new track for development and shaping new growth drivers.In the future,Suneast will continue to play the own advantages in the semiconductor high-end packaging equipment field further!

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