New products Mini series for Mini LED special reflow welding


Application of Mini LED special reflow oven:

For Mini-LED, the pad of the product is smaller, the solder paste amount is less, and the chip is smaller, which has higher requirements for the process parameters such as cleanliness and temperature uniformity of the welding equipment. The special MINI series high-end hot air welding equipment, using aero engine turbine blades and eddy current technology hot air system and nitrogen heating technology, to ensure high quality and high stability welding, to meet the industry's high requirements for MINI welding.

Core technology:

1. Efficient thermal compensation ability, customized hot air system, to achieve the best thermal balance.

2. Multi-frequency converter control, fine temperature control, to achieve smaller PCB solder joint temperature deviation.

3. New upgrade flux recovery system, multi-level filtration recovery, fully improve the recovery.

4. Full nitrogen protection, each temperature zone nitrogen independent control, multi-point monitoring, the oxygen content can be controlled within 200-500PPM.

5. Multi-cooling zone structure, with high power cooling system, improve the cold and heat exchange capacity, to meet the requirements of each process cooling slope.

6. Super wear-resistant high smooth special track system, automatic cleaning function, to meet the requirements of cleanliness in the chamber, to ensure product welding quality.


A. Conveyor system:

The guide rail with special surface treatment, its hardness is equivalent to steel hardness, durable; double-sided guide rail, high interchangeability; copper material guide bar with stainless steel chain conveyor, friction resistant, dust-free, to ensure the cleanliness of the oven.

B. Hot air system multi-frequency control:

Multi-frequency converter control, more precise temperature control, air volume can be controlled from low to high to ensure that the control system is stable and reliable.

C. New and upgraded flux recovery system

Except the independent rosin recovery unit at both ends of the machine, the rosin recovery system also exists in the preheating zone and cooling zone, and multi-level filtration.

D. Full nitrogen protection system

Full nitrogen filling, ultra-low oxygen concentration environment to ensure excellent welding quality oxygen content multi-point detection, multi-temperature zone concentration display.  

E. Efficient hot air circulation heating system

High stability thermal efficiency, minimum temperature deviation, ensure welding quality.

F. Cooling system:

The cooling zone is equipped with a high-power cooling water system to ensure optimal cooling slope.

G.  Pass Mini series reflow conveying stability test, the comprehensive performance of various properties is excellent.

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