New products SEMI series for semiconductor reflow welding


Semiconductor reflow oven equipment:

1. To make the solder paste which is printed on the convex metal surface to be reflowed into ball shape and complete the combination welding of the tin ball and the substrate.

2. After the chip is attached to the integrated circuit board, the chip and the circuit board are connected together to realize the chip packaging and integrated circuit manufacturing. 


Product core technology:

1. Patented hot air system, efficient heat compensation ability, accurate temperature control accuracy;

2. The whole process is filled with nitrogen which is independently controlled in each temperature zone, to prevent components in the welding process oxidation;

3. Low oxygen content control in the furnace, real-time value display, the whole oxygen concentration can be controlled within 50-200PPM, to ensure good welding quality;

4. Modular design, efficient cooling system, the cooling slope can reach 0.5-6℃/S, to meet the requirements of each process cooling slope;

5. Fine mesh belt smooth conveying, for small components transmission, prevent falling, to ensure stable product quality;

6. Efficient and clean treatment, to meet the requirements of semiconductor dust-free workshop.

A. Conveyor system:

Semiconductor special mesh belt conveying, for small components conveying, to prevent parts falling and jamming.


B. Hot air system multi-frequency control:

Multi-frequency converter control, more precise temperature control, air volume can be controlled from low to high to ensure that the control system is stable and reliable.


C. Flux recovery system

Except the independent rosin recovery unit at both ends of the machine, the rosin recovery system also exists in the preheating zone and cooling zone, and multi-level filtration.

D. Full process nitrogen protection, low oxygen content

The whole process is filled with nitrogen which is controlled independently in each process section, and the oxygen content in the furnace can be controlled within 50PPM in the ultra-low oxygen concentration environment to ensure excellent welding quality.

E. Low nitrogen consumption

The new furnace structure design, multi-layer insulation seal, closed-loop control of recovery system, effectively save the amount of nitrogen and save the use cost.


F. Efficient hot air circulation heating system

Multi-layer insulation design, high stability thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, reduce the production costs.


G. Cooling system:

The cooling zone is equipped with a high-power cooling water system to ensure optimal cooling slope.


H. Control system

Super temperature control ability to meet the semiconductor packaging heating process curve.


I. High cleanliness

For R&D special clean room, thousand level of cleanliness, to meet the requirements of high cleanliness of semiconductor equipment.


J. Software system

The software supports SECS/GEM semiconductor communication protocol, connects the intelligent factory information and control system, and effectively realizes the functions of connection management, data collection, alarm, control status, equipment terminal service and message logging.

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