Reflow welding equipment for FPC


FPC flexible circuit board product characteristics and reflow welding process requirements:

    FPC flexible circuit board, also known as flexible board, is a conductor circuit pattern on a flexible substrate surface by using optical imaging image transfer and corrosion process methods. The surface layer and the inner layer of the double-sided and multi-layer circuit board realize the internal and external electrical connection, through the metallization connection; the line graphic surface is protected and insulated by PI and glue. It is mainly divided into single side board, hollow board, double side board, multi board, soft and hard combination board. Its characteristics are: small size, light weight, flexible, bending, thin, which are widely used in precision small electronic equipment, and can be used to connect dynamic electronic parts.


     FPC is used in a variety of electronic products, especially for the wearable devices and the slim, short handheld devices. Such as mobile phone, laptop, scan code gun, digital camera, tablet computer, LCD display, etc. Generally, FPC still needs to be connected to hard PCB, and the technical requirements of FPC connecting to PCB are increasingly high. Suneast Technology nitrogen reflow oven can provide a reliable solution for FPC welding.


 FPC reflow oven solution

     According to the small size, light weight, thin thickness and other characteristics of FPC, it is required to control the temperature of reflow welding more evenly, use nitrogen protection to improve welding quality, and control the hot air/cooling air volume to avoid deviation, otherwise it may cause some cold joint, welding deviation and other bad phenomena, which cannot meet the welding process requirements.


Suneast reflow oven has the following characteristics for FPC industry:

1. The heating and cooling zones are controlled independently by separate inverter, which can effectively control the air volume of each section, to ensure the uniformity of temperature, and meets the cooling slope requirement.

2. With nitrogen protection, prevent pad oxidation which will result in bad welding.

3. Double cooling zones, effectively control the cooling slope.

4. New flux recovery system, ensure flux recovery more thoroughly, keep the furnace clean, save maintenance time, reduce the cost of use.



Cautions for reflow welding of FPC


     Solder paste should be printed on FPC before reflow welding. Elastic scraper should be used as far as possible during printing, preferably with optical positioning system. Use a fixture to hold the FPC to ensure that FPC position will not move and FPC will not tilt up during reflow welding, which requires a small coefficient of thermal expansion of the fixture.


     Suneast Technology reflow oven has been successfully applied to domestic well-known FPC enterprises, automotive electronics, mobile phones, tablet computers and other industries, it provides a reliable solution for FPC welding.

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