Suneast Technology selective soldering in power supply industry application


Product characteristics of power supply industry:

     Power supply is widely used in communication, automotive electronics, mobile phones and other fields. The power supply board is mainly used for power processing. Power boards come in sizes ranging from mobile phone chargers to network base station power boards. The power supply board is generally equipped with electrolytic capacitor, safety capacitor, optocoupler, common mode inductor, common inductor, ceramic capacitor, rectifier bridge and switch. Of course, there are basic components transformer, diode and audion that will be equipped with common electrical appliances.

     Generally, there are many plug-ins on the power supply board, and the size of the components varies greatly (the heat absorption of the components is different, resulting in a large temperature difference between the components). Some large power supply panels are heavy, which requires high load bearing and stability of transportation. In addition, they have large heat absorption and high thermal efficiency requirements of preheating. It is necessary to increase the top preheating module according to the actual demand, so as to meet the heat absorption requirements of large components.

Wave soldering process requirements of power supply industry:

     For power supply boards, the welding process has high requirements for the uniformity of wave soldering spray, preheating uniformity and penetration of welding. For the power supply board, if the spray is not uniform and the penetration is not good, it will directly affect the effect of soldering, resulting in poor welding and damage the power supply board. For large and super-large power board, preheat module is very important, the difference of the components size on large board is big, and the heat absorption capacity is significantly different, if the preheat modules cannot compensate the heating in time and minimize the temperature difference between the size of components which make the small components temperature overheating, and the temperature of big components is not enough. It will directly lead to cold welding, cold joint and other bad welding effect. In the most important welding area, if the nozzle cannot form a variety of shapes of wave, it cannot meet the requirements of different power board welding process, which leads to poor soldering effect, fails of meeting the requirements of welding process, and results in waste.

Suneast technology wave soldering has the following characteristics:

1. Adopts heavy type fingers. The power board is relatively heavy; the heavy type finger structure can prevent deformation and make smooth transportation.

2. The vertical spray patented technology makes spraying more uniform, and stronger through-hole penetration.

3. Infrared + hot air combined preheating module, drawer type structure. Fast warming, uniform temperature; fully reduce the temperature difference between large and small components, convenient equipment maintenance.

4. The soldering nozzle can form a variety of waveform, which is suitable for soldering different power board, especially to meet the power board solder climbing effect to ensure the soldering quality.

5. For the super large power supply board, the hot air top heating module can be appropriately added according to the actual situation to meet the heat absorption requirements of large components on the top of the board, it’s better to reduce the temperature difference between large and small components, and ensure the welding quality.

6. The forced up and down air cooling is fast, and better for welding quality.

     Suneast wave soldering machine has a significant advantage in the welding of power supply boards. With the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, stable wave, good penetration and full solder joint, Suneast wave soldering has won the trust of customers. Its market share is far ahead, and it has become the first preferred wave soldering equipment in the industry.

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