Application areas of linear motors


Since its birth, the linear motor drive technology has become more and more mature. It is widely used in various fields due to its outstanding advantages such as high precision, no wear, low noise, high efficiency, fast response, and space saving. It is widely used in civil, industrial, military and other industries. For example, in the transportation industry, in the construction industry, in the semiconductor industry, and in the medical industry, linear motors are all indispensable automation equipment.

Linear motors are widely used in lithography machines, IC bonding machines, IC plastic sealing machines and other processing equipment due to their high speed, high precision and pollution-free characteristics, and a single piece of equipment often requires multiple linear motors.

Nitto Technology linear motor modules are suitable for SMT equipment industry. Nitto Technology linear motor modules include ironless series, iron core series, voice coil series and cylindrical series and other motor type modules, which can be used in various precision fields. ,, such as visual inspection, optical calibration, laser processing, positioning inspection, industrial robots, precision machine tools, semiconductor production equipment, etc. In terms of performance, these modules use non-contact position encoders such as grating ruler or magnetic grid for precise positioning, which has the characteristics of high reliability, high stability, fast response speed and high precision, and can realize single-axis, multi-axis linkage, and gantry synchronization. Fast and flexible drive control, easy maintenance and long service life; in terms of appearance, the compact modular design saves installation space and is easy to expand.

In recent years, the application of linear motors has shown an accelerated growth trend. Linear motors are widely used and have penetrated into various fields of economic development. With the increasing improvement and perfection of the linear motor drive technology, the linear motor will gradually replace the traditional screw drive in the future. Therefore, other supporting technologies such as the use and maintenance of linear motors must be gradually improved to meet the changing market needs and increase their market competitiveness.

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