Unisplendour Suneast made a momentous appearance at Productronica 2017 in Germany


Productronica 2017 was held in Messe München exhibition center in Germany from 14th to 17th November 2017. Unisplendour Suneast brought the SELECTIVE SOLDERING SYSTEM SUNFLOW 3, LEAD FREE REFLOW OVEN SER 706A and FULL AUTOMATIC SCREEN PRINTER SL120 to join it and made a momentous appearance in Productronica 2017.     

In the exhibition, the original selective soldering system with electromagnetic pump attracted the eyes of the visitors who visited the machine and knew about the performance and technical parameters of the machine.

The endless visitors around Unisplendour Suneast booth attracted the attention of a lot of media, the reporter of Global SMT & Packaging came to interview the general manager Lin Xiaoxin of Unisplendour Suneast, and Mr. Lin introduced the eye-catching equipment in detailed -- selective soldering system SUNFLOW3. SUNFLOW 3 is the pioneering online electromagnetic pump selective soldering in China, which operation is simple and convenient with more stable and better uniformity peak wave, and the height of the wave is easier to control; the welding nozzle adopts imported special material, with long service life, and each nozzle has up to 6 months service life, which is 2.5 times than the peers; the nozzle owns automatic cleaning function to prevent flux blockage.

One of the European customers talked about the relevant matters with Mr. Lin, and the two sides signed a cooperative agreement in the exhibition.

Full automatic screen printer SL120 which is specially designed for semiconductor industry was exhibited in the booth of UK agent of Unisplendour Suneast. Full automatic screen printer SL120 is an excellent solution for big size products. It owns the self-developed image processing software, and the correction and maintenance is simple and quick. It adopts linear motor drive and the power transmission directly affects the platform, and achieves ultra-fine accuracy. The unrestricted image recognition technology can identify mark points with different shapes.

The world's leading international electronics production equipment exhibition (Productronica) in Munich mainly exhibits the future trend of electronic product development and production technology. Surface mounting technology (SMT) is the core of electronic product manufacturing. In this Expo, the famous companies are ASM ASSEMBLY, ERSA, Fuji Machine, Yamaha Motor and other foreign companies, Unisplendour Suneast participated in this Expo, and matched with these well-known foreign companies, which signifies that Chinese SMT has been greatly improved, Unisplendour Suneast conquered the domestic market, and also speed up the pace to develop the international market.

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