The core enterprise of Unis Holding, Unisplendour Suneast appears in INTERBATTERY 2017 in Korea


On 27th September 2017, the core enterprise of Unis Holding, Unisplendour Suneast carries the selective soldering system SUNFLOW 3 to join in INTERBATTERY 2017 exhibition in South Korea, its booth number is K112 and last for the three days. The exhibition has attracted many domestic and foreign high-quality manufacturers in mobile phone, automobile, and electronic components industry… The new technology of the selective soldering system SUNFLOW 3 is mainly showed, and according to the problems encountered in the production of the exhibition business, Unisplendour Suneast will help to provide reasonable solutions.

Selective Soldering System SUNFLOW 3

SUNFLOW 3 adopts China’s pioneering independent R&D electromagnetic pump which is easy to operate and maintenance; compared with the mechanical pump in the same industry, it makes the wave more stable, easier to control the wave height and the wave uniformity is good; the spray nozzle adopts the imported special material which is processed with multiple processing, heat treatment and surface treatment, it is not easy to be oxidized and has long service life which is up to 6 months, and 2.5 times as much as the same trade. Compared to the other selective soldering system, Suneast soldering machine has vision alignment system for accurate and fast programming. The spray nozzle has auto cleaning function to prevent flux blockage.

Exhibition site overview:

During the exhibition, Suneast selective soldering SUNFLOW 3 was very attractive to the visitors and they had a strong interest in it. With the detailed explanation of our senior engineers, the visitors and exhibitors had a deeper understanding to it. Many customers consulted our machine, and brought products to the exhibition site for testing, they expressed high praise and their recognition of the technical level of our products.


INTERBATTERY is the largest battery exhibition in Korea which is held by Korea battery industry association and COEX. The purport of the exhibition is to expand and develop the global battery industry - the large market and automotive field from mobile phone products to energy solutions. INTERBATTERY is a professional business exhibition that reflects the industry needs. Meanwhile, the largest battery conference, THE BATTERY CONFERENCE will be held in the same period in domestic which will provide opportunities for exchanging technical and information with global industry experts.

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